Guy Maddin’s The Forbidden Room (and its mad title sequence)

I just heard about Guy Maddin’s new film, The Forbidden Room; then watched the trailer, then watched an interview, and now I am ready to declare that Guy Maddin is one of my absolute favourite Canadians. Truly. I never use this word, but in this case it fits – he’s AWESOME. Awesome adjective 1. causing or inducing […]

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Vintage Vector

Loving all things vector (and poly) at the moment. I’ve always loved vintage vector video game graphics from the late 70s and early 80s, mainly from Atari. Games like Asteroids, Tempest, Lunar Lander, Battle Zone and Star Castle were amazing, and kept me pumping in quarters. I actually owned a table top Tempest arcade game […]

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Lumen type

Just stumbled across this curious typographic experiment, and found it quite inspiring. It’s a kind of bokeh type effect Ruslan Khasanov. I’ve featured Ruslan’s work in the past. He’s a ceaseless experimenter, and I love what he’s doing. This bokeh lumen type is really quite fresh, and I’m not sure how he’s accomplished it. There […]

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Spinning Type

Interesting typographic experiments from Jinhwan Kim involving spinning letterforms. What makes these more interesting is that they are not simply animated on the computer, they are shot through a lens, with a light box, which reveals a chromatic aberration of colours beyond the pure black letterforms themselves. You also get that lovely “wagon wheel effect” […]

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38: The new London bus

Like spotting a rare bird, I’d seen the beautiful, new London double decker buses from afar for the past few months. With only a few on the roads (started with 7 in Feb 2011, now up to ?) I would narrowly miss one as it drove off from a bus stop, or chase after another […]

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Gerry Anderson Stamps

How did I miss these fantastic Gerry Anderson “Supermarionation” stamps when Royal Mail issued them last Autumn and Winter! The series showcased some of his puppet based TV shows from the 1960s: Thunderbirds, Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90. Royal Mail also issued a series of Thunderbirds stamps with lenticular effects that […]

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Playtype Concept Store

Danish type foundry Playtpe has opened a street level type concept store, called, yes, the Playtype Concept Store. Not only do they sell their fonts, but also all kinds of other typographic products. I can’t wait to visit it next time I’m in Copenhagen. Here’s a blurb describing the store: The Playtype™ Concept Store was […]

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Ruslan Khasanov’s Liquid Calligraphy

I’m fascinated by the other-worldly “liquid calligraphy” by Ruslan Khasanov. His technique is a bit of a mystery, but I surmise it involves stop motion photography of inky letterforms, on very, very wet paper. The eventual dispersion and disappearance of the inky shapes on the wet paper surface, are captured through stop motion frames (one […]

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Cockney Bank Machine

I stumbled across a bank machine on Hackney Road in East London last week that speaks Cockney rhyming slang! I don’t know who’s responsible for this bit of unexpected, comedy genius, but it made my day. Below you can see the series of screens involved in a typical Cockney bank machine transaction.

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Alternate movie posters

Love these re-imagined posters by Peter Stults, placing familiar, modern films, believably into the past. And perfectly cast! Great work.  Thanks to Lost at E Minor for the find. Movies include: Avatar, The Hangover, Drive, Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, Inception and Termnator II. Casts morph to include Dean Martin, Jack Lemon, Jerry Lewis, James Dean, Yul […]

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