Imitating paper history for The Imitation Game

Great article I just found on FastCoDesign about the design company MinaLima that created all the prop documents for The Imitation Game, the excellent film about Alan Turing and the cracking of the Enigma Code. They also did all the paper props for the Harry Potter films, which are amazing. As a designer who is rather obsessed […]

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Lantern – flip through historical film mags in glorious high res

Just got a great tip from No Film School about the amazing Lantern. It is essentially a search engine from Media History Digital Library, that allows access to an incredible wealth of vintage film & tv mags like Variety, The Film Daily, and Photoplay, with high resolution scans of each and every page. These are […]

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Lumen type

Just stumbled across this curious typographic experiment, and found it quite inspiring. It’s a kind of bokeh type effect Ruslan Khasanov. I’ve featured Ruslan’s work in the past. He’s a ceaseless experimenter, and I love what he’s doing. This bokeh lumen type is really quite fresh, and I’m not sure how he’s accomplished it. There […]

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Spinning Type

Interesting typographic experiments from Jinhwan Kim involving spinning letterforms. What makes these more interesting is that they are not simply animated on the computer, they are shot through a lens, with a light box, which reveals a chromatic aberration of colours beyond the pure black letterforms themselves. You also get that lovely “wagon wheel effect” […]

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Bull Ring type

Just had a trip to the sunny, south of Spain and visited one of the few remaining bull fight rings in Mijas. No bull fights that day (thank goodness), but I did have a nice self-tour of this miniature bull ring, with my new camera and f0.95 lens. Love those ceramic seat numbers, and have […]

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Amandine Alessandra’s Choreographic Alphabet

London based photographer /designer Amandine Alessandra‘s “Come Dance with Me” project is unique, typographic, choreography piece, and another example of innovation in the creation of letterforms. I think it would be very interesting to see a live performance, whereby her (and other performers) typographic poses were captured and frozen in time, adding up to a […]

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Adobe buys Typekit

Early web font pioneers Typekit, (who have helped move the internet from the dreary and depressing land of Arial & Times New Roman, to the warm and sunny land of real typography) has just announced they have been purchased by Adobe. Very exciting, and means that the bleeding edge of web fonts is about to […]

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Dinnick & Howells – D&H 3D experiments

Haven’t posted in a little while, and because I haven’t seen anything out there that’s knocked my socks off,  I thought I’d show some of my own stuff – why not!  These are part of an ongoing series of 3D experiments that use the letterforms D&H (my company name) as the starting point (all created […]

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Sit on an “A”. The typographic chairs of Roeland Otten.

Been a little while since my last post (must post more often, must post more often!).  Occasionally I stumble across something so perfect for this blog that it snaps me back into ‘post motivation’ mode. So here it is. Thanks to the always “on it” lostateminor for the tip. These typographic chairs from Roeland Otten […]

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Light type paintings with iPads

Wherever possible, I try not to simply pick up posts for other sources, but thanks CR for the tip about these wonderful, amazing, typographic light paintings, made with iPads moving through space. I just had to include a post about this here. Dentsu London and design studio Berg conceived these, and though painting with light […]

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