Ruslan Khasanov’s Liquid Calligraphy

I’m fascinated by the other-worldly “liquid calligraphy” by Ruslan Khasanov. His technique is a bit of a mystery, but I surmise it involves stop motion photography of inky letterforms, on very, very wet paper. The eventual dispersion and disappearance of the inky shapes on the wet paper surface, are captured through stop motion frames (one […]

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Amandine Alessandra’s Choreographic Alphabet

London based photographer /designer Amandine Alessandra‘s “Come Dance with Me” project is unique, typographic, choreography piece, and another example of innovation in the creation of letterforms. I think it would be very interesting to see a live performance, whereby her (and other performers) typographic poses were captured and frozen in time, adding up to a […]

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Sit on an “A”. The typographic chairs of Roeland Otten.

Been a little while since my last post (must post more often, must post more often!).  Occasionally I stumble across something so perfect for this blog that it snaps me back into ‘post motivation’ mode. So here it is. Thanks to the always “on it” lostateminor for the tip. These typographic chairs from Roeland Otten […]

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Light type paintings with iPads

Wherever possible, I try not to simply pick up posts for other sources, but thanks CR for the tip about these wonderful, amazing, typographic light paintings, made with iPads moving through space. I just had to include a post about this here. Dentsu London and design studio Berg conceived these, and though painting with light […]

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