Kafka’s never looked so modern

I recently discovered this lovely series of Kafka book covers, by the new art director at Knopf Pantheon in NY, Peter Mendelsund. I don’t think they are actually printed & out in the world just yet (hard to tell from his notes), but I expect they will be soon. Though there’s an unmistakable Paul Rand […]

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Lost (and found) posters in the London Underground

What could be cooler than finding 50-year-old posters, that were forgotten in a sealed off corridor in Notting Hill Gate tube station in London? Uh, well probably a lot of things, but this is pretty damned cool, don’t you think! Here’s the statement from Transport for London’s Mike Ashworth who photographed them: Work at (Notting […]

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Mumbai Taxis

I recently learned of the amazing design extravaganzas that are ‘Mumbai taxis’ (thanks CR). Seemingly arbitrary graphics, decoration, patterns, and typographic messages adorn primarily the rear end of these taxis, and one can only guess that there is some kind of informal competition going on here among cabbies, within a shared, cultural propensity for bright […]

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