Lantern – flip through historical film mags in glorious high res



Just got a great tip from No Film School about the amazing Lantern. It is essentially a search engine from Media History Digital Library, that allows access to an incredible wealth of vintage film & tv mags like Variety, The Film Daily, and Photoplay, with high resolution scans of each and every page. These are mags from as early as 1914, in the case of Photoplay, and as late as 1964, in the case of The Educational Screen.  This is a rare treat, and great resource for vintage type, ads, articles, images, and opinions from another era.

The repository is deep, but slightly tricky to navigate – here’s a tip: once you’ve clicked on a cover on the home page, you’ll be taken to a list of issues, that in most cases look like plain dark covers. Those seem to be the archive covers, but inside, is all the good stuff. The secret is to click on “Read in Context“. That takes you, inside the magazines, which you can flip through (really), page by page. Lovin’ it!




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