3D Printed “typographic toys” – Coming Soon

Type toys 1Type toys 3Type toys 2Type toys 4

I’m about to launch a new product into the world – fully customizable, typopgraphic car toys, based on the name of a child. The site where they will be for sale will allow all sorts of customization of the toys, starting with the child’s name, which will form the body of the car. But more than that, the wheels, “face” and car style (6 styles in total, including Monster Truck, Racing Car, and Pick-Up Truck, all made from typography) will all be options for each toy.

Featured above it my super cute nephew Finch, with the world’s first Finch-mobile.

If these customizable toys sound interesting to you let me know. I’m taking pre-orders now. The site will launch this summer, in time for Christmas 2013.


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