Airport runway graphics




I’ve always loved the entirely utilitarian, but accidentally beautiful, random graphic compositions that exist on airport runways and the asphalt roadways leading here and there. Lines and letters, numbers and lights, grays and whites, reds and yellows, shadows and skid marks. Isolated (and particularly in black and white) they become quite interesting, abstract typographic/graphic compositions. One day, I’d love to have free access to wander around an airport (not likely!) and take some carefully composed photos, or better yet, from a helicopter where the vantage point would allow even more interesting views of all the lines, numbers and lights.

I finally had my camera with me during a series of recent flights, and here are a few of my airport runway photographs.






6 Comments on “Airport runway graphics

  1. amazing!
    I found your blog accidentaly while i was researching about constructivism, and i really enjoyed reading your texts!
    It’s very interesting the way you look into things! great work, i’ll keep reading your stuffs!

  2. If you dont mind, where do you host your weblog? I am hunting for a great host and your site seams to be quick and up almost all the time

    • Hi Alessandro,
      Thanks for your comment. yeah, I dunno if airport graphics is the right term or not (!) but seemed to fit. I suppose it actually a form of informational/directional graphics for pilots and ground crews. I’m sure every little dash or curve or double line means something. It’s an interesting sub-sub-set of info graphics… Love your shots – what a cool place. Where is is?

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